Be Freed from the immobilizing, stress-producing, and exhausting consequences of clutter

Business and home organizers

Don’t agonize … Organize!

AllSET Solutions is both passionate and compassionate about eliminating clutter
from your home, your business, and ultimately your mind by working with you to organize
offices and spaces from warehouses to bedroom closets.

Founded by Susan Terkanian, AllSET Solutions works with you to find the best solutions
for your situation. Susan combines her professionalism with the ability to listen.

And listening is an important part of team-building and problem-solving
for both the professional organizer and the clients we serve.
There is no judgment and our work is fully confidential.


“My passion is helping
people reclaim their lives
and spaces from the effects
of clutter — whether it
is in their home
or office setting.”

 Susan E. Terkanian
Professional Organizer,
ALLSET Solutions

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If you are reading this, you are at least willing to admit you need to act,
that you need to organize:

• For your business to succeed
• For your living space to be comforting you
and welcoming to others
• For you to look beyond the clutter, to feel better
about reaching your goals

Customized organizing solutions: just for you

Our service helps you reduce/reuse/recycle where it makes sense; we put
new systems in place to contain what’s necessary to keep and for future needs.
Gone will be the paper piles, the tangled wires, safety hazards, the
“where did I put that?” distractions.

Clutter will be eliminated and ways to maintain an uncluttered,
organized, rewarding work flow or home life will be in place.

Your money, time and peace of mind are all equally valuable.
We’ll strive to get you the greatest satisfaction that each has to offer.

A professional organizer brings focused training and personal experience
to the task.

AllSET Solutions rewards your choice by bringing both to your business or home.

Member, National Association of Professional Organizers

Based in Spencer, MA and serving Central Massachusetts and beyond,
Susan E. Terkanian is a proud member of the National Association
of Professional Organizers and NAPO-New England.